The Nautica A & D company in Trapani specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of innovative modern structures for ports and fisheries, such as floating piers, ensuring products with maximum reliability, safety and comfort.

Thanks to our highly qualified team specializing in the marine industry, we are able to take care of all stages of production directly, from the assembly of products to installation and supervision, ensuring perfect functionality of use.

We provide both fixed and floating piers, to meet any requirements: from conventional types for the mooring of boats to “fingers” and” minifingers” for the mooring of small boats and boats of different sizes.

We also build piers, platforms and breakwaters with various technical features to withstand very rough seas.


We also design and create platforms, both fixed and floating, as well as breakwaters and all accessories for the completion of our piers, such as supply valves for water and light, in stainless steel, aluminium, PVC or hot-dip galvanized steel, which guarantee high quality.

All materials are top of the range, and are researched taking into account the 
environmental and climatic characteristics of our seas to offer greater safety and 

We offer many accessories and 
special equipment for the completion of ports and fisheries, also providing bitts, rings, columns, poles, steps, walkways for access to piers, gates with light globes, signal lanterns and emergency boxes.

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